WSG Tip Sheet 



fc = flag carrier
efc = enemy FC
fr = flag room
efr = enemy FR
ramp = (left exit from your base)
gy = graveyard (right exit from your base)
tun = tunnel
top = the opposite of tunnel (but you don’t know if it’s gy or ramp yet)
ww = which way (its a question to ask which way do you think the EFC is exiting your base)
mid = midfield
cc = crowd control
hp = hit points (health)


The bottom line in WSG is getting the win. Noobs and Egoholics like to focus on HK’s only and top players focus on wins. Your win/loss ratio is now visible to the world via Armory. Make every game count. The 10 commandments to WSG follow:

The rule of rules is: only play at x8/x9 like 18, 29, 38, 49 — when you have all your skills. Anyone that comes <x8 is a disgrace to the team and to the faction. Ask them to please level and come back at x8.


1. Fight on flags — only when they are in motion. This means that sitting on your flag playing pure D, is for the most part hurtful to your team for two reasons: 1) you are not assiting your teammates that are fighting mid/efr, and 2) you cannot help return a flag. Play position. D from midfield, or front of your base, or in front of their base. When you are in your base, you lose.

2. The moment a flag is picked up, you need to rush to that flag carrier (whether it’s your team or the opponent’s) — if both flags are picked up at the same time, the most important spot on the field is center of the field. Go there, then make a decision, and rush one flag or the other.


3. When you form an offense to go after the enemy flag carrier, and you have a few people leaving your GY, always group up (boots or ramp) and form a strategy to attack altogether. Going 1 by 1 kills everyone off 1 by 1 (usually). Yell out “offense, all meet ramp” or “all meet boots”


4. Don’t waste important medium-long cooldowns on meaningless fights in the middle of the field. You’re going to want those 5-10-15-30 minute cooldowns when you NEED them, not when you want to flex your epeen 1v1’ing someone midfield.

5. Always take the speed boots from your own base, everytime you go by them. the goal is that your opponent never gets them. The same goes for the healing hut, and the berserker hut.


6. If you grab the flag, and a healthy teammate is near you with substantially more HP, or if he has a speed advantage, hand off to him/her.

7. If you are near your FC, and you see that your FC is <25% hp, then you stop all combat, and only follow him, and then pick up the flag. Then pray that someone will do the same for you.

8. If you are in a group escorting a flag carrier, slowing down or CC’ing the enemy is MUCH more important than killing them.


9. The team with the most worthless players loses, not the team with the best players on top — know which players on both sides are the biggest impact, and act accordingly (use SHIFT-SPACE) to check — DPS, healing, flag returns, and flag kills all matter.


10. Keep mini-map and teammates’ HP/mana bars up the entire time. To keep map up, use “shift+m”. To know the HP of your teammates, open the social tab, then [raid], then drag “group1” and “group2” and “group3” to your screen. Leave it there always. Have you regular map zoomed out all the way.

(extra credit) MACROS

* the best macro you can make is “I’m going down! Pick my flag, or try to grab a new flag!” google warcraft macro to learn how to make one (they are very easy). Click that macro two times if you are the FC and someone is ganking you. It let’s your team react especially on offense, to grab a new flag.