Team Skills to Practice 

After our most recent prescheduled matches, I’ve noticed a few habits we need to snap across the board.

“Silent Deaths”

There are many many reasons to call out your deaths (especially) when you are the FC: Bottom line is it helps all players make sound decisions with time to spare. You want to communicate how long you have to live, even a rough estimate, even if its wrong. For example, if I am on my mage, and I have flag, and I go up our ramp to take it home, I might think I have a 50/50 chance of eluding a hunter. I expect I will go down, so I’ll say, “I have 2 guys on me, I got 20 seconds” as things get worse and I’m under heat, I’ll say, “I’m going down, 5 seconds” during this time, people on offense, can try to do one of three things during those 5-20 seconds:

3 basic scenarios while you are on offense in their EFR:

1) no time left, you are outnumbered: focus on your positional preservation (buy time): let them score, hold your position, and go to the roof, wait for backup.

2) a little time left, they are outnumbered by us: you might prevent a score: try to kill efc in time, perhaps CC them off the pole (frost/hamstring/fear), to buy a few extra seconds for someone else to regrab flag or for you to do it, perhaps start kiting them out of the FR.

3) a lot of time: prevent score AND we score: kite efc away from the pole, and set up a teammate for an intentional regrab at the perfect time – ask our FC to intentionally drop so that we can get a new fresh flag out, and then secure an EFC kill.

“Focused Fire”

We need to designate midfield Offensive leaders, and then work on all focused fire on his targets. This REALLY helps to reduce opposition numbers quickly. The opposite of this, is 5 players each engaged in a 1v1. 1v1’s are not recommended.

“Straggler needs help”

Sometimes, when we send a large group up their ramp, the straggler in the back (limping fawn) gets picked off by a hunter or other range. What should we do? Do we run onward? Should the fawn kite towards our base? Should one person break off and help? Should we be mad at the straggler? I think this depends on who is killing the straggler. I don’t have an answer to this, but we should have one.

“Following Commands”

If you are unable to abide by a leader’s commands, then do speak up, so he/she knows that the plan is not going to be executed.

“Speak Up”

Speak up about as much as possible. There are too many times where everyone is silent.

* your deaths
* defense counts
* anything you think can help the team.

“GY Time is Valuable”

When you are in the graveyard, observe the opposition. Call out who their top dps and healers are. Call out where the res timer is at. If someone is at 10% health, and the res timer is at 5 seconds, and this person wants to get back on defense, then they might want to take the death, and allow themselves to take the free teleport back home.