WSG Flag Strategies

I want to see your ideas in the forums. There are no “right answers” here. Brainstorm away!

Our goal should be to have a cohesive simple FC, EFC-kill, and turtle-break strategy that we all know cold, so we can predict the action of all our players during the game. Let’s go with these for now:

Simple Strategies follow:

1) EFC Killing Strategy:

Step1: Call out direction of EFC
In order to kill the EFC you must:
A. Separate him from support
You can separate him by:
1. killing healers/CC
2. CC healers/CC

B. Kill him once he’s alone
(If there is a massive debuff, then of course you can put all guns on EFC and nuke him)

C. If you are alone, facing a larger group, the best thing you can do is slow down the EFC, which will slow the entire group down — or perhaps kite away a few support people. Get involved, and distract them.

2) FC strategy

0: (preparation) know position of all players before grabbing flag, try to be full health before grabbing. Ideally, you have 1-2 players nearby, if not, WAIT for them to arrive. If you have time, go to the GY and slow incoming Defense, while your friends arrive. If people stay in EFR while you try and exit, scream at them to come with you. Sometimes, you just can’t leave the EFR if 3-4 assholes won’t stop their kill.

1: Get flag and hand-off to your best FC. Focus on CC if you are not FC and get out of base ASAP. Stay in a pack, never run in front as FC. Tell your team where you are going, and request feedback from team on your ideal path: Tunnel/GY/Ramp/Roof.
* If you have no way to get out alive, but we need to hold the flag to PREVENT a cap, then go roof, and ask for help.

2A: If the other team has no flag, then your goal is to get home ASAP. This may mean hitting a speed pot, or handing off to a faster FC.

-or –

2B: If other team grabs flag, then pursue FC with your team, or wait midfield and keep incoming defenders off you while you wait. (They’ll be coming from their graveyard)

3: Kill EFC and head home. If you have a 3-to-1 or better ratio on the EFC kill, then pop one CC on the EFC and dart home. If it’s 1-to-1, then you have a tough decision to make. Good luck.

4: Flight home: make sure you have 1 shadow with you always when you go tunnel. Sometimes, you’ll ask GY to go FR to ensure cap. Especially on the 3rd point. On the 1st and 2nd point your goal is more on getting 2nd and 3rd flag, so you don’t ask them to protect you except in the most fierce match ups. The man in front grabs the boots to protect the pole, so often I if I am in front with flag, I hand off behind me, take boots, CC the pole, then let my teammate cap behind me. Not saying it’s ideal, but I prefer to prevent a regrab, than putting my FC’s nose out front.

3) Breaking a Turtle
If for some sick reason, group2 fails and allows EFC to cross mid (gross), then your job as FC is to manage the mismatch. Create a mismatch as soon as possible, and kill EFC. You only have 10 minutes to do this before the DEBUFF.

a. Get flag safely to GY (safest spot on the field)
b. Call all 10 players to go with you to kill EFC
c. take field back 2-3 steps at a time (killing all opposition in 2-3 sets)
d. go ramp
e. kill efc ! (the rest is instinct and communication from here)