Communication Skills 

It is critical to call everything out possible in arena. CC’s are most important to call out. Watch some movies of people 2500+ and listen to their skype conversations. Write down everything you hear. Get yourself to use all these phrases. If you don’t, you will fail.

Here are a few examples:

Start at 1:00 (1 minute) into it to listen in. Notice what acronyms and shorthand things they use:

If you’re arena games don’t sound like this, then this is why you are not at 2500. Communication is the #1 most important thing in arena.

If you have an opportunity, listen in on a match from a team on our server that is 2200+ in 3s and then you have people you can ask questions from later on.

Kill tremor
I’m gonna ring this whole pillar
Fearing Druid, nevermind miss
Deep Freezing druid
Deeping druid
Hex on me
Get on DK
Faked me
Deep Freezing shaman
I’m gonna block
Druid trinketed
I’m drinking
Stealing hots off shaman
Sheeping priest
Stealing hots off priest
Deep freezing druid
My frost ring
Priest is LOS his druid
Deep freezing him
Sheeped 2 seconds
Silencing shaman
Shaman is feared
Sheeping hunter
Got you
Poly full
Can you survive? Can you survive?
Nuking priest hard

You get the point. Use consistent terms, and call out all CC you apply and that get put on you. If you can’t do this, don’t play arena.

This one is really funny, shows some good shadpriest-frostmage play 2s 2300’s

Ret 2s: 2 hours of footage !!!

Top rogue in wow: reckful (RIP) — has no voice, which is a real shame.

Elem 2400 2s:

3100 team !!! Talbadar -top shadow priest in the game watch and listen to some of these streams !