Maps / Location 

Part of what you’ll need to manage in arena is your location. You’ll use the obvious “range” and “los” as needed (if you have a healer), but you also want teammates to run away from you or to you depending on what you have available.


1) your DK has death grip available. He needs you to run far 30 yards away, and get ready to turn a corner. Now he death grips, and your enemy no longer has LOS on you.

2) your priest/lock has a fear bomb ready. He needs you to run through him to get 1-2-3 enemies feared.

3) your hunter needs you to NOT MOVE so that he can trap the guy beating on your where you stand.

Once you settle your 2s or 3s team, think about who will need to manage location the most, and be ready to listen for commands.

This underlines the importance of using a timer on your spells, you’ll call out — “stack on me in 3 seconds for fear bomb” and both teammates pull their opponents to you, and you fear bomb them all.


For some comps, separating and isolating your opposition before you burn your OCDs can be the game win. A key fear followed by a mind control that keeps healer out for 8 seconds, while DPS nukes an opponent can be a win. Keep paying attention to what kind of move or combo is the BIG WIN for your comp.