Healer Nuke Rotations

A common weakness among healers is not being ready to burst down a target when he’s below 50% health.
(each second is represented by *)
Go hit the dummies in Org and practice your nuke sequence until it becomes second nature. When your dps has someone low, and he needs your DPS help, be ready to deliver a blow.

Resto shaman: (6-7 GCDs)
* (flametongue)
* Flame shock
*** UE->lavaburst
*** Frost shock ->(ns if up) LB (repeat whatever is ready, until you see UE)

(remember to fix your weapon once you are done burning)

Resto druid: (3-5 GCDs)
* moonfire
* insect swarm
* ns+wrath (repeat wrath)

if tree form is available:
tree first then the above

Disc priest: (tbd)

Holy Paly: (tbd)

Healers Avoiding CC 

As a healer, there are four things you can do to avoid CC on your casts, and you must do all four.

1. Range
2. Abilities
3. LOS
4. Fake Cast

1. Range. Managing your distance from your opponents is the easiest way to manage getting CC’d. For example, cyclone has a range of 20 yards, while your heals have a range of 30-40. This means that against druids, you can find a perfect zone of 20-30 yards to heal from.

2. Abilities. Most healers have abilities that give you immunity to interrupt. Paladins can DS and AM. Priests can IF. Know what you have and when to use it when you HAVE TO get your partner to full and you have only 4 seconds. Other abilities include you CC’ing the opponent first. (Which is rather obvious)

3. Line of Sight. Healers should pillar hump for the most part. The more time you spend out in the open the easier it will be to lock you out of your spells

4. Fake Cast. When you think you are gonna get interrupted by a wind shear or a mind freeze for example, start a cast, and back off it quickly. If u check your “juked bar” and see mind freeze or wind shear was used and burned, then you are (somewhat) free for a few seconds to cast. Sometimes burning 1 second to win 4 is worth it. Try this out. make sure you have /stopcasting built into ALL abilities that you have regardless of healer or dps 

Interesting forum article here on fake casting